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Life Skills Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Soft Skills?

A. Sometimes called Interpersonal Skills, Soft Skills are personal attributes that allow someone to interact harmoniously with other people. For example: good communication skills, self-confidence, integrity, friendliness, optimism, dealing with conflict in a respectful way, understanding and supporting the value of teamwork, having a strong work ethic, and respecting the opinions of others when you disagree with them.

Q. Why are Soft Skills important?

A. Today's employers are looking for more than technical skills (Hard Skills) in the hiring process. They know that many applicants can do the job, but they are looking for someone who has an excellent attitude and will work well with their other employees. When you demonstrate that you have a good grasp of soft skills, it increases your value to an organization and your success in the work place.

Q. How does strengthening my Soft Skills allow me to gain better opportunities?

A. There is more to you than the technical skills (Hard Skills) you gained in the classroom. If you have poor interpersonal skills, it can decrease the value of your technical skills and professional success. In other words, you may be the best at what you do, but if you cannot work well with other people, you may never receive the recognition you deserve. The benefits of Soft Skills are not limited to your professional life; it also benefits you in your personal life as well.

Q. I don't want to be a fake person. What if I don't like smiling all the time or I don't like someone?

A. When it comes to Soft Skills, it's not about being "real" or "fake", it's about respect. We are constantly interacting with other people from all walks of life. Many people, including you, have different values, practices, and opinions. So that we can all work together, we put aside the personal differences to accomplish the job we must do. Soft Skills gives us the tools to have our voices heard but to deliver the message in a respectful and appropriate way.

Q. How can I develop these skills?

A. The LSC Coordinator can meet with you to assess your Soft Skills attributes. Based on this assessment, an Individual Success Plan (ISP) will be created to address the areas that need improvement. You may also seek out tools and resources that may increase your success.